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Online Guitar Lessons for Kids
Online Ukulele Lessons for Kids
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Learn Guitar or Ukulele at Home!

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Why Learn Guitar?
   Guitar is one of the easiest instruments for a child to learn.

   Small guitars are affordable and a perfect "fit" for kids.

   Kids think guitar is cool!

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Why Learn Here?
   We’ve developed our own specialized curriculum that works for kids. 

   We know how to make learning easy and fun. 

   We can teach your child in the comfort and safety of your own home.

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Why Now?
   Childhood is the best time to begin learning an instrument.

   Learning an instrument helps develop patience, self-esteem, and discipline.

   Children need a productive “at-home” hobby now more than ever!

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We also teach Ukulele!
   Ukulele is similar to guitar and is another great option for children. 

   We provide our specialized curriculum in ukulele format. 

   Ukulele is a wonderful choice as a first instrument – a great “first step” for anyone interested in playing guitar or stringed instruments later in life.

Learn Guitar or Ukulele -- No Matter Where You Live!

We Offer a Free Online Trial Lesson!

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